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Hometownof.com (Arkansas)  is a website that is created from the local community organizations.  The coordinators are people in your community and the true editors are you.  You update the businesses and tell everyone what is important.

Small Towns are rich with talent and businesses.  There are very educated people with great ideas and strength in loyalty.  The Hometownof.com team is from small towns too and we understand what it is like to struggle with keeping business local and things organized.  The big cities get all the great stuff and we are often overlooked. That is why we began this site.  Our first town is Lawrence County Arkansas, because that is where we live.  We will expand to other “small” communities in the USA over the next year.  The special perk is each community has their very own site/hub and never has to share or compete with other towns.

Our main purpose is to combine socializing at the community level with a purpose.  Where people can meet to learn about the great new businesses and how they are doing.  What clubs are meeting and events are taking place.  There is no reason to search all over the web when you have a “true” community hub such as Hometownof.com.

Help us in spreading the word to support your community at the most personal level…..right here!


Always next door,

Your hometownof.com team.

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