May, 22, 2012, Early Voting, here’s what you can Expect.

May, 22, 2012, Early Voting, here’s what you can Expect.

Now i ask you?.  Do you think voting was done for “Change”, or to keep the same People in there positions because your afraid of change.

I think “CHANGE” is good, That means starting from a fresh point of “View”.

Judge Larry Hayes, of Lawrence County District won reelection on Tuesday defeating challenger Clay Sloan by a vote of 1,054 (54 percent) to 906 (46 percent).

The only other local race was for justice of the peace for District1 on the Democratic ballot. Incumbent Jim Jones defeated Glen Smith by a vote of 145 (61 percent) to 91 (38.5 percent).

Here are te results from Lawrence County voters who also cast ballots in State and National races. Local voting results areas follows:


U.S. President,  Barack Obama 648 (48 percent); John Wolfe, 698 (52 percent).

U.S. Congress, District 1:Gary Latanich, 183 (13.5 percent), Clark M. Hall, 506 (37 percent); Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington, 666 (49 percent). “A runoff in the congressional race is expected,” said County Clerk Tina Stowers.


U.S. President: Ron Paul, 52 (13 percent), Newt Gingrich, 26 (6 percent),  Rick Santorum, 59 (14.6 percent), Mitt Romney, 266 (66 percent).


State Supreme Court Associate Justice, Position 4: Raymond Abramson, 493 (27 percent), Judge Jo Hart, 1,320 (73 percent). Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 02, Position 02, Judge Mitch Cash, 748 (42 percent), Judge Rhonda Wood, 1,036 (58 percent).

Tina Stowers said these results are unofficial and will be confirmed later this week.


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